Washed up

I saw something in spirit, or did I? Many people have washed up verses that come and they think it’s God. It’s actually a deposit, that comes from satan, as he fell to the seas, in this metaphor included…and what happens, is they get these verses in their mind, and they think it’s peace. It’s false peace, which is called insecurity.

Do not act without a prophet in your life. You may think you have everything together, but who’s the head of the church? Christ? Well He’s the prophet. Therefore, His prophets on earth, and I mean the true ones, yes there are fake, but true prophets are the heads of the body.

How do we prove this? Christ was a prophet.

How else do we prove this? He was a prophet.

How else do we prove this, a prophet sees with eyes on a head, he hears with ears on a head, and he talks with a tongue on his head. Most people don’t even know that you can taste a scroll with a tongue on your head, and cloven tongues rest on your head as in Pentecost according to the Bible in Acts 2. What’s that mean, your senses, even smell, of spirit, should all align with God. You need discernment in all, or you don’t have it in whatever is missing. That’s why Paul said, whatever is missing in you, let it be complete. Some people, He said to Ephesus, had everything, lacking no spiritual gift. Other people, like Corinth, lacked every spiritual gift, though they were rich, they were plugged in with false verses. They thought it was right to vainly prophesy, which isn’t prophecy. They thought it was right to speak in false tongues, and so paul says if I prayed in those tongues, which are given by false spirits, I’m a resounding gong. Therefore, get true tongues, not false…

And if this makes sense, plug away, don’t let the enemy come in with darts or what I am calling washed up memories, spirit quotes, etc…you must discern.

If you can’t see with faith, and hear and taste and smell and feel, you are not in the right decision. You need all of your spiritual senses to open up and experience the glory of God.

Check out Ian Clayton and Mike Parsons on youtube for more on how to cleanse your gateways. They are geniuses.


So, we’ve all heard of the metamorphosy. It is a prophecy. Compare.

Metamorphsy, prophesy.

The metamorphosy prophecies are revealed as prophetic apostolic. The apostolic blueprint metamorphosizes the different branches of the vine. When people are immature, the apostles bring them into maturity, hence, first of all apostles…

Therefore, we need to know that God will unleash the prophetic Apostles. Everybody’s big on prophecy, what people need to know is, admonition is just as great as leadership. It is the spirit of the true apostle. Bob Jones was an apostle. He had a great gift of exhortation.

When we honor the fathers, and honor the lead, we will get the reward…

My pastor, Revern Mensah, is a great apostle, however, he is also a doctor. Luke the doctor?

Yes, Revern Mensah has a site, that I will record later. For now, do your work. We know we have five fingers, or a five fold ministry. What would you do without a thumb?